Only in New Zealand

The dairy: a quintessential Kiwi icon. Is it milk from a cow? Oh no. The dairy is a neighbourhood landmark, the recipient of every Kiwi kid’s hard-earned pocket money, and what the English commonly call a ‘corner store’ or an off licence.

How did it get its name? In the early 1900s, small dairy produce sellers (there go the cows!) opened up shops. They were only allowed to trade on a Sunday, selling milk, cheese, cream, butter and eggs. Dairies eventually evolved to sell other grocery items, but they’ve kept their old-school charm.

These days, Kiwis like to ‘pop into the dairy’ for a meat pie, hand-scooped hokey pokey ice cream, a fifty-cent lolly mixture, or to grab some milk and bread if they’re running short. What do you like to pick up from your local corner store or dairy?