My Slice of Heaven, Christchurch.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am from Christchurch, New Zealand. What makes where I am from in New Zealand so special?

My favourite thing about living here is that we have so many outdoor activities to do! I like walking with mum and dad up in the Port Hills. If we are feeling adventurous, we like to mountain bike in the hills also! We are really lucky in Christchurch because you can go to the beach to surf in summer and visit the mountains for skiing in winter!

Christchurch is known as the garden city and this is very true, especially in springtime. There are SO many blossom trees and lots of daffodils covering Hagley Park (that’s the big park in the middle of the city).

With the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, the city lost a lot of its buildings which fell down and many buildings are waiting to be rebuilt which can make walking around Christchurch feel a little bit strange sometimes.

One great place to look out for is the Margaret Mahy playground, named after New Zealand’s much-loved author - there are two flying foxes so you can race your friend, a giant slide and lots more.