About Us

A global community of expat Kiwi families connecting with Kiwi culture and each other.

Not knowing your takenga (origins) can be a bit confusing for kids. We want to ensure all young New Zealanders living abroad have a lifelong connection to their whakapapa (heritage), their culture and their homeland, to the things that make them unique and distinct.

You're a Kiwi Kid if you, your parent(s) or grandparent(s) were born in New Zealand... Or maybe, you just really love the 'land of the long white cloud'.

It all started with a proud Kiwi dad. 2012 UK New Zealander of the Year, Kent Gardner.

“My wife and I have grown up feeling a bone-deep connection with what it means it be a Kiwi. After our three boys were born in London, we fervently strived to instil and nurture an affinity with their New Zealand roots. Turns out a whole lot of our friends were in the same expat-boat.

We set about building a community for Kiwi kids abroad. Online resources and a Facebook Group for parents. Family-friendly events. A YouTube channel for kids – by kids. And Tamariki Times, a quarterly publication produced, printed and posted from New Zealand to young Kiwis around the globe. There’s something pretty special about receiving snail mail from ‘home’. I hope you’ll join us in helping our children understand and celebrate what it means to be a New Zealander. Let’s make this Kiwi fly.”
— Kent Gardner