Kiwi-as Lolly Cake

A New Zealand classic eaten by most Kiwi kids growing up at birthday parties. The cake came about sometime in the 1940s and has been a staple at cafes ever since. Our friends in the UK might be confused about why we’re using lollies in a cake. Well, here in NZ lollies are what you call sweets!

Enjoy this recipe, it’s really easy to make and we think you’re going to love it.


1 packet (250g) of malt biscuits (graham crackers if you’re in the USA)

1 packet (190g) of explorer lollies, fruit puffs or shrimp and banana sweets

120g melted butter

½ tin (200g) of sweetened condensed milk

Desiccated coconut


  1. Crush or blend malt biscuits until they’re powdery (a few chunks are okay)
  1. Cut up your lollies/sweets into bit-sized chunks and add to the biscuits.
  1. Add the melted butter and condensed milk to your bowl. Mix together until all of the biscuit powder is wet.
  1. Lay out a big piece of baking paper, sprinkling the middle thoroughly with the desiccated coconut, before tipping out the mixture into the middle.
  1. Shape your mixture into a log, rolling it in the desiccated coconut to cover the outside.
  1. Put you log into the fridge until set, then slice into 1.5 cm pieces.
  1. Eat!