NZ Music Hall of Fame

New Zealand music is a huge part of New Zealand culture. Right now everyone has heard of Lorde but NZ music goes much beyond this.

For example, should you go back to live in New Zealand, or are ever at any New Zealand events abroad, there are some classic songs that always come off the shelf to be played, and are almost anthems for New Zealanders that represent our culture. Some of them will be from your parents time but they still make a good listen.

A good place to start to learn about Kiwi music is in the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. This lists all the New Zealand music artists who have made a significant impact and even categorises artists and gives specially curated playlists from each decade. You could ask your parents which were their favourite?

On the below link is a playlist from 2010 onwards which you can play and this will have the main songs that other Kiwi kids back at home will have been listening to on the radio in the last few years. You can tune in so if you ever go back to live in New Zealand, will already know the local music.  You never know. You might find something you want to share with your friends here.


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