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Founded in 1787, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is the most active and famous cricket club in the world and owner of Lord’s Cricket Ground – the Home of Cricket.

The MCC Museum was opened by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh in 1953 and is one of the oldest sporting museums in the world.  Its collection, covers the full history of cricket from its emergence as a major sport in the early 18th century through to today.

Below is a video featuring some of the items in the MCC collection relating to New Zealand, which you can also see at the Museum itself.

The Museum’s most famous exhibit is the original Ashes urn, a personal gift to England captain the Hon. Ivo Bligh in 1882/83, later donated to MCC by his widow in 1928.

Below is a list of Match results at Lord’s between England and New Zealand. You will see from the table, New Zealand won a match at Lord’s in 1999 by nine wickets.

Match results

Year Result
1931 Match drawn
1937 Match drawn
1949 Match drawn
1958 England won by an innings and 48 runs
1965 England won by 7 wickets
1969 England won by 230 runs
1973 Match drawn
1978 England won by 7 wickets
1983 England won by 127 runs
1986 Match drawn
1990 Match drawn
1994 Match drawn
1999 New Zealand won by 9 wickets
2004 England won by 7 wickets
2008 Match drawn

The MCC have a young Cricketers programme which you can learn about here. It’s an academy for young aspiring cricketers.  They are based at Lord’s and get to meet cricketers that have done so well. There is a team for girls also.


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