Imperial War Museum – Learn about the ANZACS

For Kiwi Kids Abroad living in London there are a lot of reference points to visit that involve  New Zealanders who fought in the two World Wars, because of New Zealand’s colonial history with Britain and the fact that New Zealand was a British ally during those wars.

A visit to the Imperial War Museum is a good place to go if for example you would like to learn about The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). This was a First World War army corps formed in Egypt in December 1914, and operated during the Battle of Gallipoli.

There was a certain “Anzac spirit” which emerged from this battle that has come to identify qualities in New Zealand culture such as endurance, courage, ingenuity and good humour and a belief in everyone being equal.

If you click this link you can see the entire Imperial War Museum collection online relating to New Zealand.

In relation to the collection on ANZACS, here are some pictures of the Allies during Gallipoli, showing their hardships but also their camaraderie.

Game of Cricket, courtesy of Imperial War Museum

The above photo shows the only game of cricket played on the peninsula during the Gallipoli campaign in an attempt to distract the Turks from the secret planned imminent departure of the Allies.

Below is a photo of a Māori soldier. The  Māori contingent were in Malta when they were called suddenly to join the Allied troops. It is reported on the journey as they arrived in Gallipoli they were to say,

“Look at those slopes…isn’t it like the back-country of Hawke’s Bay?”

“It reminds me of Poukawa,” said another.*

A Maori soldier in the Apex trenches on 30 November 1915. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum


Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Imperial War Museum, UK


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