Geonet New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is full of geothermal, earthquake and volcanic activity. This is because it sits on the Ring of Fire – a major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

The GeoNet website provides access to hazards information, including earthquake reports and Volcanic Alert Bulletins. It’s very interesting site to explore and you can see how active the land under New Zealand is.

When GeoNet was conceived, New Zealand had not suffered major social disruption or serious economic setback due to geological hazards since the 1930s and early 1940s, a period in which large shallow earthquakes struck repeatedly. However the New Zealand Government still felt it needed to be prepared and set up GeoNet. Not long after, New Zealand began the most recent and largest of a series of earthquakes that followed and there has continued to be a period of geological activity since.

If you click here you can see all New Zealand’s active volcanos. They are concentrated in the North Island.

If you click here you can see how active New Zealand is in terms of earthquake activity.

You might be interested to learn more about GeoNet and why it is needed in the below video and why people use it.



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